Bank account management

Bank account management consists of the procedures, procedures and actions that customers need to perform in order to open, close or change bank accounts owned by their companies. To cope with the problems and risks associated with these actions, it is necessary to organize effective business processes and controls over the maintenance of your bank account.

The basic requirements are to have a bank account in a stable jurisdiction, control it and carry out global operations while maintaining confidentiality of information. UAE banks are becoming increasingly popular among investors and business owners, this is a compelling alternative, thanks to high confidentiality, economic performance and independence from international financial institutions.

Aligorex has established reliable relationships with major banks in the Emirates, such as Islamic Bank of Dubai, NBD Emirates, the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Mashreq Bank, RAK Bank and others. At the moment you probably have urgent needs that the bank should meet. We are in Dubai to represent your interests and help you choose the right bank that meets your needs.

  • Stability, reliability and security of the banking system;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Smooth deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • Stable national currency;
  • Convenient online banking;
  • A large number of offices and others.
  1. Preparation of documents. The list of documents depends on the type of account, as well as on the specific requirements of banks.
  2. Preliminary approval. After a preliminary check of all necessary documents by our company, we send a full package to the bank for final approval by the banking compliance officer.
  3. Personal visit to the bank. According to the law, to open a bank account in the UAE requires the personal presence of the signatory to the account. It is possible to sign bank forms in a branch of a bank in the UAE, in other countries.
  4. Activation. After all the documents have been submitted to the bank, our company controls the process of opening an account until the moment of activation and access.
  • Assistance in choosing a bank of the UAE, based on the profile of the client and business activity;
  • Opening a personal and corporate bank account;
  • Assistance in the provision of all supporting documents required by the bank;
  • Preliminary verification of documents before submission to the bank;
  • Full customer support in bank account management.