Branch or representative office

Expand your business!
A very cost-effective way to expand your business.

Existing companies can register a branch or representative office of their company in the United Arab Emirates. This feature will allow a foreign company to retain 100% ownership and take advantage of the 0% corporate tax rate in the UAE. A branch or representative office acts as powerful marketing and advertising tools for your existing business, allowing you to grow your business in an ever-growing market.

  1. Both foreign and local companies can open a branch or representative office in the UAE.
  2. These offices are in addition to the parent company, so it is responsible for their activities.
  3. There are different requirements for the appointment of local service agents who must be citizens of the UAE, depending on where the branch or representative office is registered.
  4. UAE laws require separate registration and license for a branch or representative office.
  • The branch can operate in the UAE and make a profit
  • The branch has a separate license for conducting activities similar to those of the parent company.
  • Creating a branch provides an opportunity to make deals and offer services to clients in the international market.
  • Special activities may require an additional license.
  • Representation can not make a profit in the UAE
  • It is allowed to conduct advertising activities that complement the business activity of the parent company.
  • Representation cannot enter into transactions or sell goods
  • Advising on the right legal structure based on the types of activities that the company intends to carry out in the UAE and on the international market.
  • Documentation support for registration and approval
  • Help finding a suitable office location
  • Certification of documents
  • Translation of documents
  • Obtaining a license and opening a bank account