E-commerce license and merchant account

E-commerce business has gained immense popularity in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a leading country that is adapted to e-commerce services better than any other place in the countries of the Middle East. Doing online business has become a necessity, as people around the world are connected via the Internet. Investors who have registered their business in the UAE can get E-commerce license for electronic trading and open a merchant account. A new category of licenses allows businessmen to use the growth potential of e-commerce in the work of B2C and B2B. Depending on your interests and field of activity, our team will help you to choose the most suitable free zone in the UAE. E-commerce activities are limited to specific government regulators. A merchant account allows your company to accept payments by credit cards, debit cards, etc. There is a whole list of online payments that we have successfully integrated into our clients’ websites. Our bank partners process e-commerce transactions in real time, so you will immediately find out if the order has been approved or rejected. The Aligorex Global Business team understands how important it is for you to offer safe and convenient online purchases to customers, and satisfies this need with the best technology and data integrity.

  • Fast multicurrency payments;
  • Low financial costs;
  • No geographical restrictions;
  • Access to customer data;
  • Management of several projects;
  • E-commerce sites can operate 24/7;
  • Relevant logistics strategy.