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Partner support serves as top priority in B2B relationships

The partner you trust becomes the main witness of all the worst disappointments and the most important achievements of the client. Mutual support provides the parties to a B2B relationship with an absolute understanding of the client’s needs Your customers need strategic solutions for specific business needs and effective ways to increase their own profits. Consider providing them with more detailed information about services in the UAE, as a solution for long-term business goals and asset protection. What does B2B support do?

We can discuss the details of cooperation or the needs of each client during a business meeting or by telephone. Relationships of Aligorex with B2B partners are bound by contractual agreements that allow them to react and solve problems on time, while maintaining the confidentiality of all information.

  1. Preparation of documents. The list of documents depends on the type of account, as well as on the specific requirements of banks.
  2. Preliminary approval. After a preliminary check of all necessary documents by our company, we send a full package to the bank for final approval by the banking compliance officer.
  3. Personal visit to the bank. According to the law, to open a bank account in the UAE requires the personal presence of the signatory to the account. It is possible to sign bank forms in a branch of a bank in the UAE, in other countries.
  4. Activation. After all the documents have been submitted to the bank, our company controls the process of opening an account until the moment of activation and access.

We strive to share our experience and knowledge with others, preserving the moral principles of our team, providing our partners with professional materials for studying and offering effective solutions.

Our professionals care about high quality services, their profitability and benefits.

It is very important to focus on the needs of your customers and strengthen existing relationships by increasing sales and reducing the cost of providing them. We provide free initial advice to gain your trust.

Thanks to a well-developed network of partners and accumulated experience, we have reached a record deadline for the provision of services in the UAE, so we feel comfortable with our statistics and quality.

Our partners: The best alliance is one where both sides win.


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