Obtaining a license

License just in 2 hours

Business of any category must have a license to operate in the UAE. Companies must follow the rules of the free zone in which they are registered. To obtain approval for obtaining a license, you need to contact the licensing and licensing department with the necessary documents. The list of documents depends on the type of business, the type of company and the requirements of the free zone regulator. For assistance at any stage of obtaining a license in the UAE, contact the Aligorex Global Business team for help.

  • Trade license – The types of trading activities include export, import, distribution, storage, consolidation or warehousing of the goods specified in the license.
  • Electronic Commerce License – Perform such activities as selling products and collecting payments online.
  • Service License – The activities permitted by this license include the provision of advisory services in the areas of investment, management, legal issues, finance, economics (for example, feasibility studies, etc.), labor relations, marketing, industrial development and otherсвязанных вопросов.
  • General Trade License – General license can be called commercial, which allows companies to enter into transactions or produce more than seven product lines.​
  1. After receiving the initial approval, you need to pay registration and license fees. Fees depend on the type of license.
  2. The conditions for obtaining licenses and permits from various agencies and government ministries may vary depending on the category of business.
  3. The license validity period is extended annually behind the name of the existing lease agreement.
  4. Carried out commercial activities of the company must strictly comply with the one noted in the license.