Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAKEZ)

RAKEZ has five parks in Ras Al Khaimah – Business Park, Industrial Park, Technology Park, Aviation Park and Science Zone. This is a combination of two previously existing frees zones, RAK FTZ and RAKIA. It currently hosts companies from 100 countries and covers more than 50 industries. The free zone provides the opportunity to register both an offshore and onshore company. A registered company in RAKEZ can operate not only inside the UAE market but also in Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia and Africa


In addition to the possibility to redomicile a company in RAKEZ from other jurisdictions or to register a new business with almost any type of activity, the free zone offers a new unique package – “Businesswomen”.  This is the first product of its kind in the Arab Emirates, designed exclusively for women who would like to start a business in the UAE. Only RAKEZ offers women to register a company in the free zone at a minimum price and thus get an installment.


Basic characteristics of the RAKEZ:

  • Manufacturing in RAK contributes more than 26% of the emirate’s GDP;
  • One of the fastest Free Zones in the visa obtaining process;
  • Large number of the office and storage space;
  • A well-developed industrial infrastructure;
  • RAKEZ provides an opportunity to redomicile companies in the UAE from other jurisdictions;
  • No personal presence requirement for company registration;
  • Opportunity to open a bank account in the UAE bank with Emirates ID.

Company information in RAKEZ:

  • There is no public register of company’s management;
  • Accounting is required from 1 January 2018;
  • There are no requirements to the amount of paid capital;
  • Both individuals and legal entities can act as shareholders of the company;
  • Director can only be an individual;
  • Type of Licenses: Service, Commercial (commercial), General Trading, Professional, E- commerce;
  • It is possible to have both a real and a virtual office, but only within the free zone;
  • Companies with virtual office are entitled to 1-2 visas; companies with real office are entitled to receive 3-4 visas;
  • It is a requirement for all the RAKEZ companies to submit audited financial statements prepared by RAKEZ approved auditors;
  • The company may operate on the territory of the free zone, within the UAE through special intermediaries or abroad.

The process of registration


Send 3 company names and a passport copy


Send the required list of documents confirming payment for services


Receive registration confirmation within 1 business day